Problems and Exercises

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Permission is granted to copy and distribute this material for educational purposes only, provided that the complete bibliographic citation and following credit line is included: "Copyright 2002 J. Rabaey et al."  This material may not be copied or distributed for commercial purposes without express written permission of the copyright holders.

Acknowledgement: The following people have been (and are) instrumental in the creation of the exciting problems you find below, and - as important- concocting solutions for them. We really appreciate their help.

Tufan Karalar and Dejan Markovic (UC Berkeley), Benton CalhounDavid WentzloffFred LeePuneet NewaskarRaul Blazquez-FernandezAlex KernJulia ClineTheodoros KonstantakopoulosJames Goodman (MIT)

Click on the corresponding header to download the exercises covering the different chapters. New problems will be added on a regular basis. So check the update date marked next to the chapter. While solving exercises that require the use of SPICE you can use the models provided in the models page.

  • Chapter 1: Introduction  (pdf) -  01/29/03
  • Chapter 2: The Manufacturing Process   (pdf)  - Not yet available
  • Chapter 3: The Devices  (pdf)  -  09/01/02
  • Chapter 4: The Wire   (pdf) -  01/29/03
  • Chapter 5: The CMOS inverter  (pdf) -  Last updated 2/5/03
  • Chapter 6: Designing Combinational Logic Gates in CMOS (pdf) - 10/31/02
  • Chapter 7: Sequential Circuits (pdf) - 10/30/03
  • Chapter 8: Designing Complex Digital Integrated Circuits (pdf) - Not yet available
  • Chapter 9: Coping with Interconnect  (pdf) - Not yet available
  • Chapter 10: Timing Issues in Digital Circuits (pdf- 01/21/03
  • Chapter 11: Designing Arithmetic Building (pdf) - 09/30/03
  • Chapter 12: Designing Memory and Array Structures (pdf)  - 10/30/03